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Nightmares of Gaming Past - nWoD Apocalypse

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Apr. 9th, 2008 | 01:15 pm

Back in 2006 I ran a short lived, and apparently much missed nWoD game based on the idea of a quantum apocalypse; that is to say that one larger universe ran into our own and knocked it into a third; in the process, three universes were screwed, most of the world's people and larger animals died,  and weird things started showing up.  The cast was composed of a foster care raised Sea Bee, veteran of the Syrian Conflict (Gulf War part 4)  with PTSD and a drinking problem; a dead-behind-the-eyes CIA operative; a cypher of a building superintendent and a professor of classics and amateur eschatologist.  I never revealed it to them, but in our world, it turns out that empathy to others was the common denominator and threshold for people killed off by the initial event, and that only the psychos lived.  This was something I hadn't planned, but confronted with this quartet of doom, it made sense.  They were later and briefly joined by an avian descended doctor from one of the alternate earths, and a low tech frontier girl from another.  They made their way from Middletown to Groton, stole a boat and sailed up to Boston, where they hooked up with some other survivors and were ready to go investigate the group of survivors in Maryland before the world moved on and we did something else.

  • Rev. Jeremiah Treadwell – Pastor of the Silver Springs Rock Gospel Church, an evangelical “megachurch” in Silver Springs, VA. 
    • Seems to have been a major subject in the dead man’s watermelon laptop.
    • Is still broadcasting from his radio and television station.
    • Seems to have set up some sort of compound in the area around his church,
  • Dr. Miles Stuart – Professor of philosophy and comparative religions at Harvard, writer of several fairly influential scholarly texts on religion and mysticism.
    • Is somewhere up in Caimbridge, connected to the group still at Harvard.
  • The Crimson – The Harvard – based group that is now scouting Boston and suburbs looking for survivors.
  • Aloysius Watermelontail – The dead man in the parking garage, who owned the laptop. Seems to have had some knowledge of what was coming and was no friend of Rev. Treadwell.
  • Marit Klotho – Souciance’s name for the woman you saw on CCTV in Middletown, based on the name of an infamous historical witch from the Old Territories. Is the same race as Souciance, but a little taller and older.
  • Dacia – Both the village that Souciance came from and the name of a province in the White Sun Republic, found on the driver’s license of one of the dead Asian looking dreadlocked guys you found in East Hampton.
  • Langoliers – Name given by Donald (based on a Stephen King novella) to the blue-black cabbage-like entities that have randomly confronted the quartet of survivors since they awoke.
  • Ripples – Phenomena which seem to most resemble glitches in the matrix from the eponymous movie series – reality seems to hiccup for a moment, then something changes. Often, this change is fairly dramatic (e.g. The moon changing phase, the Charles River level dropping to an average of 4 feet deep).
  • Shadows – Another phenomenon that seems to envelope localized areas in nearly impenetrable darkness. Any further effects of this phenomenon aren’t known, since you’ve wisely been avoiding it.

Dr. Jared Beckinsale
A tall, tall man, at first glance, in a nearly shapeless leather hat and duster over what appears to be very well tailored, slightly Victorian seeming clothing, fitted to a his rail thin frame. Under the hat, the man’s face is long and gaunt, with no nose to speak of and huge golden eyes. His fingers are long and horned, with long, but neatly trimmed claws, and his hairless skull extends up and back further than a man’s ought. 
·         Dr. Beckinsale comes from a world in which the dominant sapient species evolved from avians and mammals never developed at all. 
·         Beckinsale’s world is a good 30 to 50 years ahead of ours in technology, possessing highly developed wireless communication, very small but powerful personal computers with a wide array of software packages available on-demand, and advanced knowledge of electromagnetic fields. 
·         Physicists in Beckinsale’s world have theorized that a larger universe has collided with their own, perhaps pushed by a collision with one still larger. 
·         Beckinsales people are, apparently, universally atheist and aspiritualist, following certain philosophies in place of religion. While they do have emotions, their emotional states do not seem to be as varied or as strong as those of mammalian sapients.
·         Beckinsale is a medical doctor, specializing, in his own world, in diseases of the rich. He recently got his pilot’s license, but is not a very good pilot, by his own admission. Beckinsale possesses a personal ornithopter that might be able to carry himself and two or three passengers.
·         Not only is Beckinsale convinced there is a rational explanation for the current sorry state of affairs, he has no knowledge of the supernatural at all; the whole possibility is completely alien to him.
·         Beckinsale owns a personal computer with a fairly advanced sensor array that can detect any number of things with the right software package. Software is available to him any time his world’s satellites have coverage, which seems an awful lot these days.

Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Pride
Int 5                     Str 4                     Prs 2
Wit 2                    Dex 3                   Man 2
Res 3                    Sta 2                     Com 2
Academics         3 (Anatomy)
Crafts                    1
Computers         2
Investigation    1
Medicine             4 (Medical Doctor)
Science                                3
Athletics             2 (Runner)
Drive                     2 (Pilot Ornithopter)
Empathy             1
Expression         1
Socialize              1
Subterfuge          1
Fleet of Foot 3
Fast Reflexes 2
Size:       5
Speed: 18
Init:       7
Def:        2
Health 7
Willpower 5
Morality 7

Souciance Inoue (SUEshance eeNOYyou)
Young girl of about 17, dressed for travel in an outsized sweater over a dress and leggings. None of her clothing seems remotely modern; her buttons are wooden, clothing in general has the look of being old and hand made as well as handed down. She’s fairly small and fine boned, with nearly elfin features. Her skin is medium brown, her hair is white and kinky, her eyes are light grey.
·         “Souciance” means “careful” – it’s the necessary opposite of insouciance, though insouciance doesn’t really have an antonym in our English. She speaks the same language, but calls it Albish. Souciance can speak and read Hebrew as part of her religious training, calling it Jesus-Tongue.
·         Souciance is a Christian, sort of. She follows the way of the Jesus Man (or Man Jesus, either or), which is based on a much less edited version of the bible that contains quite a few more gospels and a number of competing epistles from a set of mystics. In total, it’s a much more ambiguous faith with a weird relationship with the creator (which they think of in terms of the Gnostic Demiurge, who ain’t no friend of you or me).
·         Souciance is from the village of Dacia (about 20 families currently in residence) in a place called the old territories. From the best you can tell, the old territories are no part of any larger government and individually governed on the community level.
·         Souciance is used to a technology level roughly analogous to 1830’s. She is aware of internal combustion engines (though was unaware of those that ran on anything other than coal, and never saw one), had friends and families who were coal miners, and recognizes most of our technology as highly advanced versions of things that either she saw, or is aware of. 
·         Souciance is aware of stories of witches and their powers (similar to our own legends in that vein), but isn’t terribly quick to believe wild tales.
·         Souciance is not used to caffeine or processed sugar, and doesn’t particularly approve of liquor. 

Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Envy
Int 2                     Str 2                     Prs 3
Wit 2                    Dex 2                   Man 2
Res 3                    Sta 2                     Com 3
Academics         2 (Religion)
Crafts                    3 (Farming)
Investigation    1
Medicine             1
Athletics             1
Ride                       1
Stealth                  1
Survival               1 (Homesteading)
Animal Ken        1
Empathy             2
Expression         2
Persuasion         2
Socialize              2
Streetwise           1
Subterfuge          1
Language (Jesus Tongue) 2
Holistic Awareness 3
Meditative Mind 1
Unseen Sense 3
Size:       5
Speed: 9
Init:       5
Def:        2
Health 7
Willpower 8
Morality 8

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from: benhimself
date: Apr. 10th, 2008 03:01 am (UTC)

This sounds like a pretty awesome game.

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the hand of vecna

(no subject)

from: world_build
date: Apr. 18th, 2008 08:17 pm (UTC)

It was fun, unfortunately, I ran out of steam, and the nWoD system fixed none of the problems with the oWoD system and added a few new ones.

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(no subject)

from: nikolayurs
date: Feb. 17th, 2013 07:05 am (UTC)

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