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Malus - Character, Kingdom and Adversary.

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May. 28th, 2008 | 03:43 pm

Starting with Character
You are a human being, a young person, tasked to awakend the Good and save the Kingdom.  Describe yourself; what you look like, what you wear, what you carry with you, where you came from and why you, most important, decided to stand up and fight against the Adversary.
You begin with the three Attributes (Innocence, Experience and Courage).  Put a point in each one.  Now, you have 5 more points to split up amongst them any way you like.  This doesn't represent how much Innocence, Experience and Courage your character has (you can assume that, as heroes, they have a surfeit of all three), but how much, to start with, your character relies upon each Attribute.  
Once you've got them divided,  you get to choose abilities, one for each point you have.  These abilities are different depending on the attribute.
Innocence: Either a friend or companion you have or a group (class of creature, affiliation) with which you make friends easily.
Experience: A skill, something practical that you know how to do.
Courage: Either some sort of ability you'd use in a conflict (arguing, swordsmanship, stare-downs) or some group of bad guys you are good at defeating.
None of these things can be supernatural powers or magical abilities.  Magic is either the inborn inheritance of a magical creature or the wickedly disruptive, absolutely corrupting province of the Adversary.  If you are good at making friends with mice, either they talk or they just like you.  If you can climb walls, it is because you are a good climber, not Spider Man.  
That said, you have been given a gift.  Describe it.  This gift may indeed have some kind of power in it.  
Tell everyone else about your character, listen to each other person, in turn describe theirs.  Write down your reactions to each one on the character sheet.

The Kingdom
In order to save the kingdom, you will need to do battle against the Adversary in different locations of the kingdom.  Choose someone to draw a simple map with a number of circles or boxes = the number of players in the group + 1 (or more for longer games decide beforehand) and lines connecting them.  Each player gets to describe a location (one or two sentences at most), starting with the person who drew the map.  Continue round-robin until all locations are named.  Each location defines a chapter.  

The Adversary
Put 1 apple of each type in a pile or cup, then add apples of red, green or gold until you have all of the Players accounted for.  Each Player draws an apple.

The Black Apple - Player with the black apple names the Adversary (name and epithet) and names their one weakness.
The Silver Apple - Player with the silver apple names the source of the Adversary's power, and the thing they do that people most fear.
The Red Apple - Player[s] with [the] red apple[s] describe the Adversary's appearance and name ways in which the Adversary can tempt enemies.
The Green Apple - Players with green apples describe the Adversary's possessions and name ways in which the Adversary can threaten or injure enemies.
The Gold Apple - Players with gold apples describe the Adversary's lair and name the influences that the Adversary has over the kingdom and can afflict and vex enemies.

If there are three Players, then put the silver, black and one other apple in the kitty, the person who drew the other gets to name all three.  With four Players, the two who did not get the silver or the black apple get to decide between them what the last remaining apple means.  For more than 5, add apples as you decide as a group, depending on what sort of Adversary you want to face.  Alternately, assign different attributes based on what you decide as a group.

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